PPS is proud to say that we are a leading metal fabrication company in the United States. We understand that being versatile, yet exact, is not only what our client needs, but what they want, as well. We have the skills and leadership that allow us to handle any request, larger or small.

With our enormous amount of experience, and highly skilled and certified staff, we are extremely proud of the fact that we can tackle and project and provide impressive results.

Like at most fabrication companies, PPS relies on the precisions of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) metal forming in order to produce the highest quality work for our clients. Of course we offer CNC forming machines and CNC brake forming, but we can provide you with so much more.

We use specialized tools such as the Radan to CNC press brakes, and Alpha Cam to create out CNC hot wire machines and routers. CNC allows us to create extremely precise prototypes, or in tens of thousands of pieces in large production quantities.

Because of our excellent rapport with our customers, we oftentimes see them order more and more products from us. This allows our engineers to really test out their knowledge and expertise. This also gives our engineers, and our staff, the opportunity to grow and learn more with each request from our customers. We cherish our partnership with our customers, and know that they allow us share and practice our amazing skill capabilities.

At PPS we offer many metal welding capabilities, including resistance welding, TIG welding, robotic MIG welding, mesh welding, and CNC resistant welding. We also offer semi-automatic or completely automatic metal welding, in addition to rapid prototyping and laser cutting for a quicker turnaround time, in addition to the highest quality products.

With our years of experience, we have learned that sometimes a small production can turn into a large production. This is never a problem here at PPS. We know that sometimes we do whatever it takes in order to make our customers happy and productive. We cater to all business, either large or small. We understand the importance of work, and appreciate the fact that our clients come to us for that extra help in order to get them started.

Case Study

PPS was contacted by an out of state piping contractor to help provide fabrication on a large out of state project. PPS was able to provide fabrication drawings of custom pipe assemblies for our customers to ensure the parts we fabricated in our shop would fit with their field fabrication. 

• We were able to save our customer money by CNC cutting all of the parts in our shop with cut down on man hours by 60% 

• We fabricated the parts and sent quality control logs with each shipment

• We handled all logistics for the customer

• We sent customer over 1,000 fabricated and welded assemblys with zero customer rejections 

Other Capabilities

  • Production runs in all grades of material from carbon steel to exotic metals
  • PPS has invested for years in many welding procedures to cover ASME and AWS codes

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