Professional Piping Systems, LLC (PPS) is the most diverse producer of welded steel pipe and fittings products in the region. We strive and commit to the highest manufacturing and fabrication standards. PPS has added yet another Certification to support and maintain the expectations of our end-users. It retains the membership status from the Steel Tank Institute / Steel Fabricators Association, and its certification to the Quality Certification Program for Steel Pipe and Accessory Manufacturers.

PPS not only prides itself for the diversity of our plant’s and personnel’s certifications and experience, but its service to the market. We are often the go-to company to support the Job Order Contracts (JOC), which requires a 24-7 response to the Agency’s emergencies.

It equally supports the traditional Design-Bid-Build contracts, and the Alternative Delivery Systems contracts for the Construction Manager At Risk, the Design/Build Team and the latest delivery model, the Public-Private-Partnerships (PPP or 3Ps).

The Alternative Delivery Systems require a higher level of commitment for the evaluation of the designs, technical specification review and not least of which are the cost estimates and delivery schedules.

Despite there being no guarantee of a contract, PPS has and is pledging its support to the Alternative Delivery Systems. Our focus is to support the contract’s obligation to provide an accelerated delivery schedule that is cost effective and responsive.

Professional Piping Systems has gained the experience and is well equipped to simply respond and support waterline industry with its fabrication services. Whether you are seeking technical support, a product’s cost estimate, or the quick turnaround service required of a watermain emergency, PPS is committed to that end.