PPS Piping & Metal Fabrication Services

API Tank Repair and Alterations

The safety of our natural environment, as well as your operation depend on air tight above ground fuel storage tanks without any leaks. We address whatever challenges your environment can throw at us.


Building Information Modeling (BIM) is used in construction coordination. BIM allows all trades involved (electrician, architect, structural, and mechanical) to work together to develop one complete product by combining, comparing, and modifying all project models with coordination of the Contractor, eliminating costly errors in the field

Cement Mortar Lined Pipe Fabrication

It began with a call from a Job Order Contractor. ‘We are in jam. There is an emergency watermain break and we need a very quick response. Is Professional Piping Systems able to design and fabricate some emergency welded steel pipe repair fittings?”

Civil Construction

With over 20 years of experience, PPS is managed by a team of professionals that have an extensive background in construction, project management, and hydraulic engineering.

CNC Pipe Processing

CNC typically utilizes torches, water jets, lasers, plasma, or mill bits as needed for various projects. PPS uses the practice of CNC Plasma cutting to precisely cut shapes and contour through thick metal sheets, pipes, or even structural beams.
cnc plate processing rig

CNC Plate Processing

CNC plate cutting is also referred to as computer numerical control plate cutting. This is the process of utilizing computers and software to cut plates.

Design Build

PPS will always discuss the budget at the beginning of the project, and there will never be any inconvenient change order surprises. In order to save time, PPS eliminates the bidding and redesign period.

General Fabrication

The pipe fabrication process consists of building metal structures by manipulating piping in order to tailor to the needs and wants of our customers. This value added process includes constructing machines and structures using raw materials such as pipes, elbows, tees, etc.

Industrial Coatings

Our Coating Division offers highest knowledge in industrial/commercial shop and field painting - from surface preparation, coating application, specification design to installation and safety compliance. It's our mission to provide exceptional service to all customers

Material Rolling

Rolling is classified based on the temperature of the metal. The starting material is usually large pieces of metal such as slabs, blooms, and billets.


We specialize in the fabrication and installation of steam piping, condensate piping, chill water piping, hot water piping, closed loop system piping, gas piping, chemical piping, and fuel piping systems.

Mining Services

General Structural From Repair and Modification to New Installation, Piping from New installation to Emergency Repair (Carbon, Stainless steel), HDPE up to 36” with Data Logger, Installation and Repair, Certified Craftsmen

On Site Machining

By utilizing the full range of field matching service, the work your receive will provide results beyond your expectations. We ensure plant productivity and longevity, as well as provide you with tremendous savings in transportation, logistics, labor, time, and, of course, in money.
pipe welder

Pipe fabrication

Pipe Fabrication is a core competency at Professional Piping Systems. Metal fabrication in general involves the cutting, bending, shaping and assembly of piping structures directly from a set of raw materials.

Plant Maintenance

Whether is simple daily maintenance activities, or extensive overhauls requiring large scale capital investment, all areas of your operation need to participate in the process to eliminate or insure minimal business interruption.

Pressure Vessel Fabrication

Our design capabilities at PPS are second to none. our fabrication shop is extremely well-equipped with electrical overhead cranes, welding machines, and heavy rolling machines.

Sanitary Services

Services include planning and design support, feasibility and value engineering, CAD designing and testing, quality controls and assurances, installation, repairs and maintenance, project management, and validation support.

Structural Steel Fabrication

In steel construction, PPS believes that quality and reliability are the foundation and structure of our company. We set our standards high, and reach them every time. We pride ourselves on only using the best resources.