CNC plate cutting is also referred to as computer numerical control plate cutting. This is the process of utilizing computers and software to cut plates. By using the computers and software, CNC plate cutting provides a significantly higher degree of control and accuracy. PPS uses only the best hardware and software for CNC plate cutting, and this ensures complete customer satisfaction and highest quality results.

PPS knows that even though projects can be done with manual plate cutting, there will always bee a need for plate cutting at a higher level of detail. By utilizing CNC plate cutting, this allows PPS to accomplish efficient plate cutting, and at any level of request.

The state of the art machine that PPS uses is equipped with premium grade materials to ensure the level of perfection that our customers expect.

PPS is proud to say that their CNC plate cutting results are always of the highest quality and reliability, and also aesthetically pleasing. As we have mentioned before, here at PPS we strive to offer the best of everything for our customers. 





CNC Plate Processing Capabilities

  • Plates up to 5 x 10 x 4″ thick

  • Custom design meeting exact customer preferences and specifications

  • Plasma and oxy fuel processes

  • Water table to cut down on material warping

  • Continuous runs 24/7

  • Large carbon and stainless plate inventory for quickest turnaround

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