In steel construction, PPS believes that quality and reliability are the foundation and structure of our company. We set our standards high, and reach them every time. We pride ourselves on only using the best resources. We keep a close watch and oversee all the entire production of your project from start to finish. With our in-house team’s creativity and expertise, we always work to find the perfect design, and budget, for your needs.

PPS is one of the top structural steel fabricators in the country. Our highly experienced and certified staff always deliver the best work, and guarantee your total satisfaction. We specialize in supplying and installing structural steel, metal decks, open web grinders (single or multilevel), and steel joists. Our team oversees every step of your project, so you can rest assured that the job will be up to your standards and exactly what you requested.

We completely understand you want to keep your costs low. We also understand the importance of a budget. At PPS, we are always looking for new ways to increase quality, while at the same time lowering your cost. When we give you a price, we stick to it. We guarantee no added fees or hidden prices will pop up at the end. Your price is your price, so no surprises here.

PPS can handle big jobs or small jobs. We can take care of basically any structural steel fabrication project you present to us. With our top of the line machines and tools, we are extremely well equipped to take on large-scale, custom jobs that some other fabrication companies just can’t handle. We handle many jobs, but here are just a few to highlight:

  • Beam and pipe trusses
  • Plate grinders
  • Bridge nodes
  • Pedestrian and foot bridges
  • Railroad bridges
  • Heavy columns
  • Vehicular bridges
  • Pipe bridges

Since we handle big orders, we need to work with big equipment. Our highly skilled craftsmen and engineers work with the best tools in the business. We pride ourselves on the fact that we can roll a beam up to 262 pounds the “hard way” with one of the largest machines in the Eastern Unites States. Our press brake is extremely impressive, as well. It can accommodate grinders that are up to 140 tons.





Professional Piping Services specializes in the construction, repair, maintenance and demolition of API tanks. The safety of our natural environment, as well as your operation depend on air tight above ground fuel storage tanks without any leaks. We address whatever challenges your environment can throw at us:

• Extreme high or low temperatures
• Salt air and winds
• Contaminants in the fuel itself
• Excessive rainfall

Accredited engineers and certified welders understand exactly how to build and service your API tanks.

Other Capabilities:

  • API 650 tank repairs and alterations
  • We have qualified API 650 welding procedures in multiple processes 
  • We have API 650 certified welders on staff for repair emergencies
  • Have performed many API 650 pipeline repairs and hot taps on fuel lines

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