The on-site machining services provided my PPS promises to increase plant up-time and safety, while at the same time cutting down assembly, and lowering dismantling and transport costs for refurbished equipment, as well as keeping the maintenance of the equipment low.

Here at PPS, we understand that in order for your plant to perform at its highest level at all times, ongoing repairs are a part of doing business. However, we strive to make these improvements and adjustments right away, and believe that they shouldn’t have to compromise your operations.

By utilizing the full range of field matching service, the work your receive will provide results beyond your expectations. We ensure plant productivity and longevity, as well as provide you with tremendous savings in transportation, logistics, labor, time, and, of course, in money.

We make all of the pairs on-site right at your facility. However, our goal is to make the product right the first time so no modifications need to be made.

Our technicians at PPS are highly trained and certified. They understand the importance of safety and standards for our customers on their sites. PPS technicians are fully trained, competent and have a high regard for both safety and the requirements of the customer while working on their sites.

Our on-site machining service started 20 years ago, and has continued to grow over the years. It has turned into a comprehensive site machining package which complements the full range of specialized services. Our machine tools have been developed over the years to keep up with the ever changing standards of equipment. We manufacture our tools in-house so we know what we are using is up to the standards of our clients.

Our machining services at PPS are considered a leading custom precision metal fabricator. We offer precision CNC machining for medical, aerospace, telecommunications, national defense, and process control industries.

As mentioned previously, all of our matching parts are developed in house in order to ensure quality products. Since we are one of the industries’ best CNC manufactures, we build custom parts in aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel, and more.

Our expert engineers and staff provide the best CNC machine services to our customers around the world. We pride ourselves on complete customer satisfaction, and are proud of our reputation for exceeding our customer’s wishes.

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