Service Offerings

PPS is a leader in the Southwestern US in the areas of welding, metal fabrication, emergency maintenance and repair services for civil, military and governmental projects, power plant facilities, the mining industry, industrial facilities, and data centers. Primary services include industrial maintenance pipe fabrication, structural steel fabrication, rig welding, emergency welding, emergency pipe fabrication, power plant outage services, power plant maintenance, power plant turnaround services, AMSE code repairs to name a few…


There are two primary differentiators that set PPS apart from the competition – Response Time and Quality of Work. These are also the same reasons why PPS has grown more than 22% year over year since inception.

Response Time

In terms of response time, we routinely deploy emergency maintenance work within hours of notification throughout  Arizona, Nevada, California and Northwestern Mexico. We control the entire delivery channel from custom fabrication to installation and maintenance. We have case studies of city water mains breaking down. Within just a couple hours, we begin fabricating replacement parts and performing emergency repairs to mitigate the damage and expense. Our in-house facilities make us one of the only local providers who can perform such emergency repairs so quickly, transport materials to the site, and install the solution in such short turnaround times.